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Revolutionizing commercial building inspection and maintenance.

Empower your property with Outershield's cutting-edge drone technology, unlocking the future of building inspection and redefining the way you care for your high-rise condo.

As an owner or manager of a commercial building, you understand the critical importance of documenting and maintaining your property’s exterior. But how can you achieve this efficiently and accurately?

Introducing Outershield, your smart solution for building inspection and maintenance. We revolutionize the process by harnessing the power of drones to scan your building from every angle, capturing thousands of high-resolution photos. These photos are seamlessly stitched together, creating a detailed 3D model that provides an unparalleled view of your building.

The Power of Data & AI

Outershield goes beyond traditional image capture, using state-of-the-art AI technology to carefully examine the data it gathers. Our smart AI can spot and highlight any issues that need your attention, giving you useful advice. This extra level of information enables you to plan and prioritize repairs more effectively, making building maintenance more efficient and affordable. Outershield not only saves you time, but also makes the best use of your resources, providing you with a better way to take care of your buildings.

Before And After

Tracking Progress with Precision

Once repairs are complete, Outershield goes the extra mile. We rescan your building, updating the 3D model to showcase the remarkable transformation. This before-and-after view serves as tangible proof of the repairs made, giving you confidence in the state of your building.

The OuterShield Guarantee

Reinventing Transparency in Building Care

  • Unparalleled Assurance: Experience a unique guarantee with Outershield—there’s nothing like it on the market.


  • Verify Your Investment: Ensure complete transparency by examining the work you commissioned, validating that every aspect was executed precisely as agreed upon.


  • Pre-Work Insight: Receive a high-resolution 3D model of your property before any work begins, providing you with documentation of what your building looked like before.


  • Post-Work Verification: After the completion of the work, your building undergoes another scan, delivering a second 3D model that acts as a visual confirmation, affirming that the work has been executed to your satisfaction.

Protect Your Asset

Experience Next-Level Building Care

Outershield is not just a service; it’s a commitment to the future of building care. Document your building’s exteriors with precision, save valuable resources, and safeguard your investment. Contact us today and get a free quote for your building.

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