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Start-to-Finish Construction

Rebuilders is a comprehensive construction and renovation company that can help with every phase of the construction process, from initial design to final inspections. To start the process, we use advanced 3D rendering to give you a clear picture of your apartment, condominium, or hotel facility. Once we have completed the design and received your approval, we will build the structure to your exact standards.

Renovations and Repairs

If you are a property manager, unit coordinator, or a representative for a homeowners association, you can count on us for all of your renovations and repair needs. You’ll work with a team that is dedicated to reliability, service, and consistency. Whether you need basic unit maintenance or a large-scale renovation, we will make sure your project is done right.

Working Hand-in-Hand with Your Homeowners Association and Residents

AtRebuilders, we make it a priority to work with your homeowners' association so all construction projects are handled smoothly and effectively. We take the time to clearly and consistently communicate, keeping everyone abreast and up-to-speed on the current status of the project. We’ll also make the convenience of residents a top priority, adjusting our build processes to lessen the impact on their daily lives.

Delivering Consistent Results to YourProperty

Guests at your property expect a high-quality building that is properly maintained at all times. Make sure you have the services of a reliable renovation and building repair team that can ensure your facility is in top condition. From structural issues to interior design flaws, we can make your facility a welcoming, comfortable environment.


Insurance Restoration

Catastrophic damage to your home or business can be a terrifying reality.

Whether it’s fire, water, or storm damage, it can be incredibly scary. Unfortunately, the restoration process is often frustrating, especially when you are forced to deal with insurance companies on your own. Rebuildersis here to help. We are an experienced construction team that understands the complexities of restoration projects, not only from the rebuilding standpoint but from the aspect of insurances claims and payments. You don’t have to go through your insurance restoration alone when the team at Rebuilders is here to walk with you every step of the way!

Insurance Restoration Services for Home or Commercial Buildings

Working with Your Insurance Company Rebuildersis more than a restoration and construction firm. We are a comprehensive team that helps with all aspects of the restoration process, which includes working with your insurance to achieve the best possible results. We’ll communicate directly with your insurance company, helping to speed the claim and payout process so you can move forward with your life. We are trusted by the insurance companies to deliver the best results to your home or facility, so you can count on us for comprehensive restoration services. When you have experienced catastrophic loss to your property, you can’t afford to navigate the complexities of insurance on your own. Let us help!

Fire and Smoke Damage

Damage caused by fire and smoke can be an extremely complex issue. We’ll work quickly to inspect and assess the area, remove damaged materials, clean the facility, and deliver complete restoration, revitalizing your home or facility to its pre-fire condition. Fire and smoke restoration can include numerous steps, including drywall, framing, painting, and flooring.

Emergency Flood Mitigation

If you have experienced flash-flooding or water damage, we can help restore your area quickly. Once we have repaired your home or building, we can deliver structural improvements, drainage installation, concrete repair, and landscaping adjustments to reduce the chances of water damage affecting your home in the future.

Storm and Wind Damage

Our team also has the skills and experience to help with exterior restorations after major storm and wind damage. This can include siding, gutters, window replacement, or soffit repair.


Litigation repair

Our expert team of highly-trained technicians and construction professionals can help repair and alleviate nearly any construction defect affecting your building. Whether you have structural problems resulting in ground-floor leakage or need regrading and compacting for exterior driveways, we have the knowledge and skills to deliver excellent results. Litigation Repair for Residential and Commercial Construction.
Getting to Code Quickly
If your commercial or residential building is not to code, we can help make the facility valid and usable as quickly as possible. We know how to research and work within the legal construction codes in your area, and will work with local inspectors to make sure your building is safe, legal, and up to code.
Replacing Unacceptable Materials
We will put our experience and dedication to work to ensure that your home, vacation property, or commercial building is using the right materials so it lasts as long as possible and maintains complete safety. This is especially important if you own a beach home, as the damp, salty environment can quickly deteriorate substandard wood, metal, and other materials.
Communication, Coordination, and Organization
Most importantly, we always focus on communication and coordination on your project. When it comes to litigation repair, there can be many parties involved, including government inspectors, contractors, investors, property owners, and insurance representatives. Regardless of who is involved, we’ll do what it takes to keep everyone informed on the status of your project, ensuring all parties are up-to-speed on the current process. Thermal Imaging Brings Fast, Effective Results
Rebuildersuses the latest technology for all of our services, including thermal imaging cameras that can tell us the extent of damage in a wall or structure without tearing into the materials. This can help us identify a wide range of issues, including heat and energy loss, disconnected, damaged, or severed wiring, and plumbing problems; all without actually cutting into the physical structure. Thermal imaging reports make your litigation repair faster and more convenient, as there is less time conducting diagnosis and no unneeded damage to the building. Locally Owned with a Nation-Wide ResourcesBased out ofSouth Walton County, Rebuilders absolutely loves serving the South-Eastern United States while we have a local focus, we bring the resources and large-scale advantages of a national company, making us one of the most trusted teams for litigation repair from the Florida panhandle to nearly all corners of the country.

Commercial and Residential Renovations

When you work with us for your renovations, you’ll get amazing interior design and construction services that allow you to get the most from every square inch of your property and your building. We can take your dream and make it into your reality, using the latest technologies and advancements to ensure a smooth, consistent build process and world-class results.
Commercial and Residential Renovations
When you work with us for your renovations, you’ll get amazing interior design and construction services that allow you to get the most from every square inch of your property and your building. You can rely on us to use sophisticated technologies to make your results better than ever, including 3D rendering, which gives you a clear visual of your design results, as well as thermal imaging, which lets us diagnose defects without damaging the structure of your building. No matter what the specifics of your renovation project, these technologies, backed by our advanced know-how, will make the process easier than you could imagine. While our renovation services are often used for residential projects, we often help with commercial renovations as well. This can include start-to-finish construction so you can get the most benefit from your commercial space. Whether you need more office space, a new conference center, or a complete industrial conversion, we can make the process smooth and seamless.
Restoring Your Beach House to its Previous Glory
If you have a beach house that needs a little attention, let us help. We can make your old beach house into a luxurious vacation destination for you and your family. You’ll finally be able to use your beach property for luxury and relaxation when you work with VRC for your renovations. When you escape to your beach house, you’ll be able to relax in your comfortable, private haven, but it takes the expertise of our renovation professionals!
Exterior Renovations
We can also help with a wide range of exterior renovations, including exterior painting, waterproofing, balconies, structural repair, and everything else you need. We’ll do what it takes to ensure the finest renovation results, all in as little time as possible.
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At VRC, we are proud members of the Walton County and coastal community.
We love working with people in Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Seacrest, and more! While we are locally-owned and operated, we can offer our renovation services in almost every state, so no matter where you live, we would love to serve your renovation needs.

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